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I'm running for Congress because there is work to do, and we need leadership that can get results. 

In this time of crisis there is urgent work to do on healthcare, life sciences innovation and economic recovery, and ongoing work on problems that haven't gone away, such as gun violence prevention, the climate crisis and transportation.

I’ve spent the past nearly 30 years in a series of leadership positions, including building our innovation economy as Vice President of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. As Vice President of Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, I helped people access quality affordable healthcare.


Through my work in the legislature and as a coalition builder, I've gotten legislation passed that is making a difference in people’s lives, including the nation’s most effective gun violence prevention laws, legislation that made college more affordable in Massachusetts, and the campaign to secure marriage equality.

I know how to bring about change in Washington, and have clear priorities for the 6th Congressional District that I will fight for as your Representative (you can learn more on this website!).  I am asking for your vote, and more - I hope you will get involved in this campaign for change, as a donor and volunteer.  It will be a campaign that you will be proud to have been a part of.  Please reach out with any questions at Let’s work together to bring about the change we need!"

Angus' leadership positions:
  • Business development executive at a global AmLaw 100 firm

  • Co-Founder, Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence

  • Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Communication, Lasell University

  • Vice President for Communications & Marketing, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center

  • Vice President for Public Affairs, Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts

  • Chair, Massachusetts Coalition for Choice

  • Deputy Communications Director, Democratic National Convention Committee

  • Chief of Staff, State Senator Cheryl Jacques (D)

  • Co-Founder, Young Democrats of Massachusetts

  • Member, Democratic State Committee

Angus lives in Topsfield with his wife Diann, and together they have four children ages 9-17.

Angus' Top 6 for the 6th:

 1. Ensure Healthcare Access and Affordability 

The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare the gaps and inequities in our healthcare system. As a cancer survivor, Angus understands why everyone needs access to first-rate healthcare, like the care he received at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute a decade ago. He led advocacy efforts for access to women’s reproductive healthcare at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. And he has seen first-hand the nightmare that is our care system for elders who don’t have resources. Angus will work to ensure universal access to high-quality, affordable healthcare.

 2. Economic Recovery and Job Creation 

Angus has put forward a comprehensive set of proposals to strengthen our regional economy.  He served for nine years on the leadership team at the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, the agency charged with making Massachusetts the world leader in life sciences. He understands the vital role that federal resources will play in our economic recovery, for small businesses on Main Street and industries important to our regions. He’ll fight for small business owners, and to make sure Massachusetts stays #1 in the nation in the federal research dollars that fuel our innovation economy.

 3. Meaningful and Effective National Gun Laws

Angus has spent the past three decades fighting successfully for stronger gun laws in Massachusetts, and Massachusetts now has the most effective gun laws in the nation.  Angus will build a broad-based national coalition and won’t take no for an answer on taking the Massachusetts model for gun violence prevention national, including licensing, universal background checks, and a renewed ban on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

Angus was awarded the Gun Sense Candidate Distinction 2020 by Moms Demand Action.

Find out more at

 4. Urgent Action on the Climate Crisis

With the climate crisis already impacting this coastal region of Massachusetts, Angus will demand urgent federal action. He will advocate for restored US leadership in international climate talks, for increased federal resources to support climate related research and innovation, and for Massachusetts to lead the world in developing and deploying the technologies that will reverse the impacts of climate change.

 5. Major Investment in Transportation 

To improve transportation infrastructure and promote long-term economic recovery, Angus has proposed a $1 trillion capital investment in multi-modal transportation alternatives for the 6th district and across America. As a daily commuter, and avid bicyclist, Angus recognizes that residents of this district are spending too much time on their way to and from work, the grocery store, or their doctor’s appointments, time that they could be spending with their families. A generational lack of investment has left us without a safe and reliable public transit system. 

 6. Promote Access to Education K-College 

As a product of our public schools, a parent of four school-aged children and an educator himself, Angus understands the need for resources to improve our schools, including federal funding for early education. 
He'll fight for federal relief in order to avoid the drastic cuts that
will otherwise be in store for school districts across the 6th District. 

He will work with teachers and parents to ensure that the reopening of schools is done safely, based on science and careful planning to make sure that we keep our kids, teachers and communities safe.


As a UMass Amherst graduate and a college instructor, Angus understands why we need affordable public higher education options for our families. Angus will advocate for a transformative investment in the affordability of higher education, and for student loan relief measures to reduce the debt burden that too many recent college graduates and their families are saddled with.


This will be a grassroots effort to reach voters throughout the district, so we need people to contribute both their time and their treasure!   Want to volunteer or donate?  Please click on the links below!

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